CME Accreditation Application

Yale CME is pleased to provide you with this Application for Continuing Medical Education Accreditation.

Please study these documents carefully. An understanding of their content will enable an appropriate application and subsequent planning for CME accreditation. The documents concern:

  1. The Needs Assessment for the presentation of a course.

  2. Information about the Essential Elements for Continuing Medical Education as set forth by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), the agency that accredits the School of Medicine as a CME provider.

  3. A memorandum that describes the responsiveness of the School to the Essential Elements of the ACCME.

  4. CME information, including:
  5. There is an accreditation fee that will be discussed at the initial meeting concerning the CME activity.

  6. Commercial Support information including:
  7. Samples of Evaluation Forms to be used by those who attend courses.

  8. A three-page Application form, the first page of which contains important instructions to enable proper completion of the application.

Documents for Event Planners


These documents will be carefully reviewed. Upon Application approval, a meeting will be held to review the Application and accompanying documentation to ensure ACCME compliance.