Funding Disbursement

For many years, it has been required that an accounting of funding received to support CME programs be provided to our office. Space is available on the Application for CME Accreditation in which the total amount of money received from any outside source, the identity of that source, and the purpose of the funding are all to be recorded.

We have in more recent years required written affirmation from members of the faculty who are mounting courses about any involvement – whether for research endeavor or lectureships or some other matter – that they may have with commercial agencies, usually industry, that supply money for educational grants.

We are now required that all such support enter university funds through an account in our office. (At the time your application is approved, the Finance Office will issue a PTAEO to be used for your particular conference. Upon the conclusion of the conference; payment of all outstanding invoices and the CME fee, the remaining funds will be returned to your department). We will also require records of all disbursements, by amount and purpose, as the money is used to underwrite any particular educational program.

Subsequent to that entry into the university funds, the money can be made available for disbursement, as appropriate, by the departments that were responsible for the acquisition of the grant. The money is not to be tithed in any new or unusual way, and the cost of our departmental services will not be increased by virtue of the deposit of such funds. At the same time, however, we must be able to assure those who stand in judgment of the propriety of our programs that we are not only aware of outside funding, but that we are in fact the point of entry for those funds into university accounts.

This small regulation should not cause any major difficulty. At the same time, it will enable us to affirm without any question of doubt that we are completely aware of the source and quantity of all monies that are involved in continuing education programs, as required by the ACCME.

Documents for Event Planners


These documents will be carefully reviewed. Upon Application approval, a meeting will be held to review the Application and accompanying documentation to ensure ACCME compliance.