Guidelines for Conferences

  1. Obtain an Application Packet
    Obtain in Yale CME, Room CE-3 SHM or on line here.
  2. Application submission:
    1. Schedule:
      - 1-day conference: at least 3 months prior to conference
      - 3-day conference: at least 6 months prior to conference
      - 4+-day conference: at least 1 year prior to conference
    2. Completed stating all pertinent information;
    3. Signed by the responsible faculty member;
    4. Signed by the departmental business manager; and
    5. Must be submitted to - CE-3 SHM.
  3. Notification:
    After meeting with the OCME Director, and upon approval, you will be notified in writing and an account will be assigned to your activity. There is an application fee of $600.
  4. Faculty Disclosure Forms
    It is mandatory that all faculty participating in the conference complete and sign the Faculty Disclosure Form provided by Yale CME. All disclosures should be submitted to our office prior to the conference.
  5. Faculty Disclosure
    At the time of the conference, it is mandatory that faculty disclose publicly (orally and by written handout) their corporate relationships. (A copy of all disclosures will also be included in the conference packet prepared by Yale CME).
  6. Public Disclosure
    It is mandatory that, at the time of presentation, acknowledgment is made by the Course Director of the presence or absence of commercial relationships on behalf of the Department.
  7. Evaluation Forms
    It is mandatory that all evaluation forms be completed and submitted to the CME Representative at the conclusion of each session of the conference.
  8. CME Credit Certificates
    Will usually be given at completion of the conference, upon receipt of an Evaluation Form. (There is a $10.00 charge for replacement of lost certificates).
  9. Letter of Agreement
    If there is commercial support for your conference, it is mandatory that this Agreement is completed by all parties prior to the event.
  10. Syllabus and/or Handouts
    Speakers’ syllabi should be delivered to the CME office at least two weeks prior to the conference in order that all materials can be reproduced and prepared for handout. If a speaker fails to meet the deadline, they will be responsible for supplying copies at the conference. Faxed copies are not accepted.

Documents for Event Planners


These documents will be carefully reviewed. Upon Application approval, a meeting will be held to review the Application and accompanying documentation to ensure ACCME compliance.